Customized digital solutions for rail and industry.

Let’s bring your enterprise (back) on track! 

Challenges we take up:

We work on several fronts!

We have long-term experience in the railway sector, but we also take industrial
processes on track. 

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We promise

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Custom-made and personal

We listen closely and settle into every enterprise as well as
possible, in order to gain a deep understanding for your individual challenges and goals.
Together we find ways to realize your technical requirements. 

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Software as a handy tool

Software should be customized to our clients‘ operating processes (and not the reverse!).
We offer functional solutions without a lot of „frills“ thus simplifying your existing procedures – on the basis of the motto „as little as possible, as much as necessary“. (Because the most beautiful code is useless, if nobody wants to use the program!) 

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„Soft“ transformation without collateral damage

During the implementation of digitalization projects we adopt a progressive and „smooth“ approach: This means that processes in your company are digitalized gradually during ongoing operations without dismissing successfully operating implementations.
We combine the best of time-tested and innovative approaches!

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Security & Quality

We take quality and security seriously and are devoted to guarantee data protection to our clients from the start. Since July 2022 we are ISO27001 certified.

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